light is very powerful in individuals’s lives.

Lighting is a rule’ – it is the statement which probably was told by prehistoric people each time they made a successful attempt to start burning a fire. Nowadays, few thousand years after prehistoric individuals, current individuals still use lights but not to make warm but to light roads, buildings and to make a use of light at their homes. This article will reply the question if make it sense to light streets, monuments and homes.

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The first thing is starting burning the streets and roads. The most powerful reason of doing it is offering security to the citizens of the city. The newest tests have presented that in places where are not any street lamps are done much more crimes. Even ancient individuals have known that illumination drive off the enemies. The more street lights, mean secured zones.

However, when it comes to lighting town halls such as town halls, arenas or large shopping centers, the reasons of making it are not so obvious. Plenty individuals can ask the query why our authority wastes money on starting burning those buildings. The reply is able be simple – the illuminating is made to make an impression on different individuals and show the power of the town.

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Whether it is worth making or not, the booklovers of the article must answer themselves. When it comes to light, it is worth to mention 2 amazing jobs related with illumination. They are: town lamplighter and lighthouse owner. Both of the jobs are not common nowadays, they are part of history, but their activities were very useful in the past and past many individuals. Even though, a lamplighter job is a job of the past there is one city where you can meet them – the area is Wrocław, (south-west region of Republic of Poland) and they start their job (see in the afternoon. They wear unique uniforms and look like lamplighters from the past. At present, their work is a kind of tourism attraction, but individuals are able to see how lighting was important in the past times. Lighting is very important in people’s lives. Thanks appropriate lighting, individuals are able to notice in the darkness and avoid dangerous circumstances. Furthermore, lighting is a part of our history.
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