Short story how my metropolis has changed within one year

Last year I was living for a while in London. In the end, due to various reasons, made up my mind to come back to my family town. I was convinced that after coming back I was going to find my city exactly as I left it. However, I was very wrong. Despite the fact that nothing serious has happened there and everything was the same at first glance, I could see some minor changes.

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To start with, custom bicycles became extremely famous. Almost all of my friends were discussing where and how they could design your own bike. In the morning you could see many people who were travelling to work on beautiful bikes. I should admit that I really liked that change, as I always was see my city as too lazy. Nowadays, Because of the fact that using custom single speed bikes became to be really fashionable, most of my friends as well as family members stopped using cars and started to use their own bikes, read more Loca Bikes. I don’t even need to explain how positive effect it has on environment. As a result of this, my town would be even more marvellous.

Secondly, I realized that more and more people purchase hot drinks to take away. I might see many young individuals with cups with hot drinks on the street. On the one hand, it is really bad as this paper and plastic cups were possibly thrown away after every use. On the other hand, I perceived it as a positive news as this meant that people in my city were becoming richer. Why do I think so? If you are rather poor, you simply don’t invest in drinks to take away. Most probably you would rather drink them at home or bring your own coffee in thermos.

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What’s more, I have noticed that people were nicer. They were smiling to each other on the street, discussing with each other on train etc.. When I asked foreigner about something, the answer was usually very polite. That weird women that works at the bank started to be much nicer than before. She even began to smile. Nonetheless, I need to admit something. I still don’t know if all those small things have actually changed, or if I was homesick so badly, that now I see it in much more positive light.
2019-06-09 07:14
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