3 key components while designing the office

An office is a place where works the workers of the company and where take places various meetings, plus the meetings with contractors. For those reasons, it is worth to manage appropriate place.
There are few keys to achieve the success. They are:
Created by: Kristin Nador
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1) Roomy – the office is a place where the workers spend 1/3 of their lives. There should not be too numerous unneeded items and knick-knacks. It is a job (see european trademark attorney), not a museum or children’s room. The employees should have adequate places to sit, think and create the useful items for the company.

2) Good colours – the place need to encourage the workers to work and invent new and helpful goods to their company. Sometimes, some colours can cause the opposite result and the employees feel sick and tired. That is why, it is worth to manage walls. Today, it is very trendy to paint the walls in grey or gold colours and then place some wallpaper to make a contrast. Alternatively, there are also fascinating photo wallpapers which are also used in many workplaces. The organization which works in transportation field can place lorries and a translator can put the London’s road view. It all counts on the kind of company and the present styles but office wallpapers will be always trendy, take a look at examples.

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ikea sofa covers
Created by: Paul Arps
Taken from: http://www.flickr.com
IKEA is one of very popular furniture company in whole world. It history begins in Scandinavia at the downturn of XIX century. Since this time it spread to another cities, including Poland, in 1990.

3) Appropriate objects – the workplace workers spend at least 8 hrs a day, 5 days a week in the company. As an outcome, it is recommended to get the luxurious, practical and aesthetically looking accessories. The furniture need to be designed to the workplace aim because this sort of furniture is more long lasting than the furniture created to homes. It is also worth to take into account colours and make the workplace colourful, not only dull which make the workers sleepy and discourage them to work. The energetic shades can improve the environment in the company.
Designing the office is a difficult job, because the fashion designer has to see the profession of the organization and have the basic psychology knowledge.
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