A few words about promises I gave myself while still was a kid

I remember that when I was a kid I hated like my room. This seems to be perfect for some boring lady. Not for such an amazing kid I was believing to be back then. One of those things I really hated were wallpapers. I remember how they looked really good – they were totally yellow with small green dots on them. I hated them so badly! They seemed to be so annoying back then. I promised myself that when I grow up and buy my own house, I will make sure it is awesome. And that I would never have wallpapers at all.

Finally, I managed to keep only one promise. Not ‘cause the 2nd one was impossible to keep. The reason was because I didn’t want to keep it. As the time has passed by, the way how wallpapers are design is also different. They are not plain anymore - read something more. Actually, I need to say that they are extremely impressive. They are not plain with boring colors and simple patterns. Presently, they look far better than many of paintings. Pics on contemporary wallpapers look that attractive you wouldn’t believe it! Therefore, if you haven’t seen this yet, please check it on the internet at the moment. I am sure that they entirely different that those wallpapers which you remember from your childhood.
Demural and wallpaper
Created by: DEMURAL
Taken from: http://demural.co.uk

As I already said, I managed to keep only one promise out of 2 that I gave to myself many years ago. These days, I have an amazing flat. I did my best that this is modern and looks extremely good. However, I have wallpapers on my walls. This might mean that I didn’t keep my second promise. But in fact, they are one of my favorite parts of my apartment. They made my house look so trendy.
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