The most fascinating houses in the world

Many architects and assorted designers perform everything in their energy to build a building which will be distinctive as well as draw in the individuals understanding.

One of those uncommon houses is undoubtedly Katowice's Spodek (at Polish – a saucer).

The distinctive building seems like a UFO disk plus it really is a authentic sign of the town. It has been created in seventies by people who were tired of ordinary-looking structures. The same individuals have also designed the block of flats that look like corns.

It's worth to underline that 'Spodek' is a house for many cultural events, such as concerts, fairs, and volleyball matches. The building (recommended site) is available for the customers for free. However, it is worth to visit it during many events to learn more about the big space and a great capability of the building -,ap19.html -. Additionally, the location around the unique construction is also an fascinating place to spend some sparetime. There are few bars and the eco-friendly area where each citizens and holidaymakers may chill.

Where is actually Katowice?

Everyone who want to see the unique saucer need to visit Poland, the country located in Europe, one of the European Union's members. Katowice is placed in the southern region of Poland, in Silesia area which used to be famous from coal mines.

How to get there?


It is very simple.

You can go here by aeroplane – here is located Katowice-Airport about 20 minutes from Katowice City Centre or by car or truck - here is a direct motorway that goes from Germany as well as the Czech Republic towards Katowice.
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