Is it possible to change the flat and make it more vivid without wasting more money?

The renovation of the flat or home is a good moment for introducing some new spirit into it. People often notice that after several or more years the design turned out boring. They need to change some things, but they do not know what it should be.

Created by: Jorge de la Llama
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The good thing is it is not necessary to change everything. First of all, the budget ought to be figured out. Not everybody can afford to buy completely new furniture and renew all the rooms at the same time. It is better to do it gradually, starting from only one SPAce. What is more, if the accessories are still in a good shape and rather new, not all the things should be sold. Changing of the wall can be often sufficient. The same furniture seems to look totally differently when they are placed against ecru or for example yellow colour. Moreover, the hues can create the ambiance – the psychology based on colours does not lie. It is widely known that green makes people more calm. That is the reason why many people choose to paint the living room with a vivid, green paint. Yellow brings an optimism to the mind, it helps to concentrate too. That is why at many schools halls are yellow. Delicate blue will be a proper colour for dormitory - it has relaxing properties. It is obvious that interesting decorations and some accessories like table napkins or carpet also create the cosiness.

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Modification of the interior character and renovation may be a great fun for all the inhabitants.
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