Green and vivid wallpapers: how to add some exoticism to usual life?

People frequently dream of going to the remote places in the globe. Wild nature is fascinating, but not always accessible. Luckily, everybody is able to get the imitation of this in her own house.

Jungle at house

What if the room wall pictures the charm of exotic plants, rainforests or waterfall? The sun could shine intensely between the huge fronds and the view of silent stream can bring a real solace. It can be a good solution to stick a colourful jungle mural inside the room, on the contrary to putting up the simple and boring wallpaper. For everyone who adores nature, this kind of mural will be the best decision. It may evoke the dreams and create restful atmosphere for householders in living room. The guests will be enchanted too. There is a lot of ideas and photos that can be applied here.

jungle mural
Created by: Mermaid Properties Sp. z o.o.

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Not only plant life

When somebody is courageous enough, he may choose the picture showing a wild species, for example a jaguar. It may be realistic, but not obligatory. For kids’ kingdom the cartoon version is possibly better. Naturally, it is important to ensure if the child will not be afraid of it. The other idea is the mural presenting colourful birds like parrots and toucans. Those species are less “dangerous” and look magnificent between the green lianas and foliage. They can enrich the room with their bright colours too. Wintertime outdoors, exotic summer inside? Why not.

Mural is a straightforward and not costly way to enrich the flat. Perhaps a trip to the exotic forest is not realisable for everyone, but the imitation for this can be made in each flat or house.
2019-01-02 08:33
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